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Database Management Basics

Database management is a method for managing the data that is used to support a company’s business operations. It involves storing data and distribution to applications and users and then modifying it if necessary and monitoring the changes in the data and preventing the data from becoming corrupted by unexpected failures. It is part of the overall informational infrastructure of a business that supports decision making in corporate growth, as well as compliance with laws such as the GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act.

The first database systems were created in the 1960s by Charles Bachman, IBM and others. They evolved into information management systems (IMS) that enabled the storage and retrieve massive amounts of information for a range of applications, from the calculation of inventory to supporting complicated financial accounting and human resources functions.

A database is tables that are organized according to a particular scheme, such as one-to-many relationships. It makes use of primary keys to identify records and allows cross-references between tables. Each table is comprised of a set of attributes, or fields, that provide information about data entities. Relational models, invented by E. F. “Ted” Codd in the 1970s at IBM and IBM, are the most used database type today. This model is based on normalizing data to make it more user-friendly. It is also easier to update data because it does not require the changing of various databases.

The majority of DBMSs support a variety of databases by providing different internal and external levels of organization. The internal level addresses costs, scalability, and other operational issues such as the layout of the database’s physical storage. The external level is the way the database appears in user interfaces and other applications. It can include a mixture of various external views based on different data models. It may also include virtual tables that are computed using generic data to enhance the performance.



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